Thursday, December 3, 2009

The "Citizen Kane" Debate

So I watched Citizen Kane two weeks ago in my film history class... for the third time. Greatest movie ever made? I think not, although I will say that each time I watch, it gets better and better. Knowing and understanding the history and progression of the development of film helps greatly in appreciating this movie. The influence various schools of film had on Welles and this movie are very apparent, like expressionism, my favorite. *Sarcasm really does not bode well in text* I do, however, very much appreciate his use of deep focus, long shots, and intense lighting which do make the movie enjoyable and a completely different experience each time I watch.
While it may have been the greatest movie of its time, and certainly the most innovative, it does not hold up to today's standards . Really now, you wouldn't expect me to watch "Birth of a Nation" simply because Griffith was the first to combine intercutting and narrative techniques, would you?

With that in mind, don't be surprised if you read my list and find the following missing from it:

Citizen Kane (see above)
Double Indemnity (the only thing worse than Barbara Stanwyck as a blonde is the awkward dialogue of this so called Film Noir "Classic")
2001: A Space Odyssey (I can only take so much of Kubrick's pretentious nonsense)
Rashomon (You've seen it once, you've seen it four times)
The Bicycle Thief and all other Italian Neorealist films (don't get me wrong, a movie about nothing does sound appealing...)
Nosferatu (need I bring up expressionism again?)
The Battleship Potemkin (20 mins of people getting trampled on stairs isn't exactly my idea of a good time)
Tootsie (I'm not too keen on watching Dustin Hoffman dress as a woman)
The Godfather part 2 (The Godfather is one of my favorites, part II, however, lost me when Michael had Fredo killed, and besides can it really be The Godfather without Brando?)
The Harry Potter films (they are a disgrace to Rowling's empire and movies in general)

Never fear if your favorite movie is on here! I am still compiling the list, and some, perhaps even all, of these could possibly still make it on. And hey, if you do see a favorite on this list, fight for it, change my mind, show me the true value of it!
*Side note: I have seen ALL of the films on this list, and am fully aware of why exactly they are considered classics.

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